Watson | Setzer

Real Estate Partners L.L.C.



Watson Setzer Real Estate Partners LLC has been founded on the fundamental principle of closely aligning its interests with those of its investors while striving to achieve attractive risk adjusted returns.  While our development and investment activities will undoubtedly evolve, our business philosophy and commitment to diligent investment oversight will be evident from the outset and consistent over time. 

The founders of Watson Setzer Real Estate Partners LLC each have 25 year track records of proven performance and first hand real estate experience.  This experience spans all aspects of the business.  In an increasingly competitive market, we believe this comprehensive experience and the ability to focus on the most fundamental components of construction oversight, asset and property management and leasing are what will maximize value creation.  Having experienced and weathered cyclical downturns, we are keenly aware of the necessity for attention to operational detail.  Today’s operating partners can not simply rely on the rising tide to generate attractive returns if they expect to ensure ongoing institutional interest and loyalty. 

Operational skills are but one component of the investment equation.  Of equal importance are relationships and transactional expertise that can lead to new opportunities.  We are proud of our 25 years of strong personal relationships with real estate professionals in all of our target markets.  These relationships have and will continue to give us an advantage in sourcing off market transactions and have often given us an advantage for broadly marketed opportunities.